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July - August 2020 Tofino fishing report

July and August represent peak season on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the halibut are up on the shelf, the salmon are moving through, stopping to feed on abundant bait in Clayoquot Sound and the offshore waters. Wildlife is abundant during the summer months, Humpback whales, Killer Whales, Sea otters and wolves can all be spotted with a bit of luck. We are looking forward to a quality Chinook retention fishery this summer, waters shore-ward of 1 nautical mile from the surf line are currently open for 2 Chinook per day, Offshore waters will likely open July 15th for retention. We have a wide range of options departing from the Tofino harbour. If you're after bottom fishing we can head up the coast and jig Lingcod, Rockfish and likely anchor for halibut. The day can often be topped off with a salmon fish on the way back to town. Salmon options include Chinook along the outside of the islands in classic spots like Wilf Rock and Blunden Island or Coho salmon in the calm waters of Clayoquot Sound. We are anticipating good runs of Columbia and Puget Sound Chinook during late June and July with a west coast Vancouver Island component showing up in late July through to early September. Prior to this springs events there was a strong WCVI forecast for 4 and 5 year old Chinook, we had some great fishing in 2019 on 3 and 4 year fish. There likely wont quite be the numbers of last summer but there will be more size. The face that there has been and will continue to be greatly reduced pressure from the Public fishery from Alaska and Northern BC this season we may be in for a pleasant surprise as far as salmon numbers go. We also are available for private sightseeing charters that can focus on whales or Bears. These are typically afternoon departures however we can customize any trip for your group.

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